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Product returns

Basic conditions

Product returns are accepted within & nbsp; 14 calendar days & nbsp; from the date the sales receipt is issued.

Returns are accepted & nbsp; only & nbsp; if the product is in its original packaging and has not been used.

The process of returning any product should always be done in consultation with the customer service department of

Return terms

In case of any mistake through the fault of that concerns your order, a full refund policy applies.

In case no error occurs from, the amount corresponding to the value of the products is refunded, while the shipping and return costs are borne exclusively by the customer.

In case of a defective product covered by warranty, is replaced in consultation with the customer and the company providing the warranty.

We would like to point out that for all our shipments we make sure the packaging is the best possible so that our customers’ products are transported with the greatest possible safety and in excellent condition. However, in some cases the parcels may be damaged during transport and in these cases there may be delays in the service as a new shipment from our company will have to be launched.

Please note that although we make sure that all products are wrapped with a special protective material when placed on the parcels, the outer packaging may be damaged during transport. In these cases and as long as the product to be used has not been damaged or damaged, it is not replaced. In the event that the product to be used reaches the recipient visibly damaged due to poor transport or pressure to such an extent that it cannot be used, our company will proceed with its immediate replacement.

In all cases where an agreement is reached between of the customer and to make a refund, this is done within 20 days from the day of the agreement. In cases where the order has been paid by cash on delivery or by bank deposit, you must inform one of our representatives by phone or send us via email the account to which you want the deposit to be made. The email in which you can contact us is

In case of payment using a credit card, the refund will be made electronically to the credit card. This process is completed within 5-6 working days.

In case the order is made by invoice, & nbsp; any return of products is done by issuing a delivery note.